To find us is to use Google Maps and type in "The Blockyard" or you can just push the red button
The GPS address is:
23 N Hobson Ave
Building 177, 4th Floor
North Charleston SC 29407

WARNING! We share a building with Excel Apparatus and several other businesses.  This is a Heavy Industrial Zone. Please do not wander around if you do not know where you are going. Stay in the parking lot and call 843-619-7084. 

Location Details: Whilst standing in the parking lot and facing the building you will see two big Green doors will a little green door off to the left, Do NOT go into either of those doors or your access will most likely be suspended indefinitely (there are cameras everywhere so let me know if you accidentally go in)

Instead, there is a gate about 20 feet from the little green door and it should be unlocked if we are open. Go into it and through the double doors on the right. Take the elevator to the 4th floor and push and briefly hold the green doorbell button. You are here. 

The elevator looks a little sketchy but it is maintained and inspected faithfully.